Solid Waste/Recycling/ Yard Waste

GARBAGE PICK UP-eff. 8/1/2021

Garbage Fee-$20.00 per month (on utility billing)


Garbage will be picked up every Friday and must be set out by 7:00 a.m. that day.


Anything not recycled must be put in trash bags and put into the garbage cart.  Recyclable can be loose items, co-mingled in recycle cart.



Articles that can be recycled are: Cardboard, newsprint, magazines, plastics #1 - #7, shredded office paper, tin cans, aluminum cans, etc). 

(NO contaminated items, no carbon or wrapping paper, no glass or Styrofoam).


NO plastic bags, window glass, glass of any kind, mirror or ceramics will be accepted. 

Questions: Call 319-986-6919 or 319-385-4849.


Yard waste- These items can be taken to the city lagoon sight located on S. Pearl St. at the edge of the city limits.  There are two different piles for yard waste. One pile being for limbs, bushes & rose bushes.  The second pile being for grass clippings & garden waste etc.  Feel free to use the mulch pile for your gardens as fertilizer.  


Leaf Pickup

Leaf pickup will be done each fall.  Leaves must be raked onto the edge of the street. City will start leaf pickup in mid-fall and continue until it snows but final day is Thanksgiving, whichever comes first.  


Spring Cleanup

Spring cleanup will be done each year in May or June.  A list of items that can and cannot be set out each year for spring cleanup and fees for appliances can be obtained at Wayland City Hall 218 W. Main St.








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