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 What are City Office Hours & Phone Number

City Hall is open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - Noon and 1 - 4:30 PM.  Our Phone number is 319-256-3276  and FAX is 319-256-3279.

 Can I Burn Leaves?

For the safety and health of citizens, the burning of leaves is prohibited.  However, the city does provide leaf pickup during the fall, just rake them to the side of the road.

A scheduled timeframe for picking up of leaves will be set every fall with an end date of Thanksgiving or first prediction of significant snowfall.  

You can also dispose of your leaves at the Lagoon site using the designated pile. 


 Do I Need A Building Permit?

Building permits are required to erect, reconstruct, alter, repair, bring into, move from one place to another, occupy, use.  The cost for a permit is $15.  The fee is waived for re-roofing, re-siding, window replacement and demolition.  Your project may also be eligible for a tax abatement.  Be sure to ask the City Clerk for more information.



 How Do I Rent The Community Center

Wayland Community Center-218 W Main St.

110-person capacity. 

Items furnished-plates, glasses, cups, silverware, microwave, two cooking stoves, one refrigerator, roasters, Nine 5' round tables, chairs, restrooms etc.

To make reservations call City Hall at 319-256-3276.


Deposit-$40.00 (returned if cleaned up accordingly).


Pay fee and pick up key minimum of 1-2 days in advance of event. 

 Is Open Burning Allowed?

See Code of Ordinances for complete information ...

Private personal papers and correspondence which are exempted from open burning regulations promulgated by Federal or State statute or regulation may be burned in the open, provided such burning is done in compliance with this subsection.  Only the occupants of a residence in a building or structure having no more than four separate residences may burn authorized items in accordance with the following regulations: 

Burning.  Burning must be done on one designated area of the property on which the residence is located and which burn area shall be as far from any buildings or structures on the property as is possible without being nearer to any buildings or structures on any adjacent property, provided the area is at least 20 feet from any buildings or structures located on the property, and said area shall be at least 30 feet from any street and at least 4 feet from any alley.  No other residential waste, garbage, refuse or combustible material not specifically authorized in this subsection may be burned.  Items herein authorized can be burned only in a wire mesh container which is staked into the ground.  The wire mesh must be no larger than 1" x 2" squares and must be constructed of welded wire.  Alternatively, an existing outdoor fireplace approved by the Mayor or Police Chief may be used if a dated and signed authorization from either such official is obtained by the resident.  No solid barrels of any kind may be used for burning any item in them.  Burning must be supervised by an adult household member who is outside on the premises during the time burning occurs.  Burning may be conducted only between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and noon, except that no burning may be done on Sundays.  Only items belonging to a resident of the household qualifying under this subsection may be burned.

 When Is Garbage/Recycling Day & Time

Garbage and recycling is picked up every Friday morning.  Have items set out by 7:00 AM.  See City Services Section for more details.


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